Delivery of wholesale orders

Delivery of small, medium and big wholesale orders directly from general EU distributor or manufacturer warehouse

R.O.C.S. Global Logistics Terminals (GLTs) are official representations of manufacturing company, lauched to supply all types of customers worldwide including smaller and bigger wholesale clients. Depending on order volume and additionally requested services (labelling, extra packaging etc.) total order processing and delivery time may vary from 10 to 30 working days.

small_wholesale All small wholesale orders are usually processed in 3-5 working days after order confirmation/receipt of payment and shipped directly from local R.O.C.S. Global Logistic Terminals (GLTs).

medium_wholesale Medium wholesale orders (up to 1 full pallet) are usually processed in 10-20 working days and usually shipped by truck or air from one of main R.O.C.S. Global Logistics Terminals (GLTs) located in Frankfurt, Tallinn or Moscow. Shipping time for medium wholesale orders is 5-15 working days.

big_wholesale Big wholesale orders (several pallets, containers) processing time depends on ordered products, their quantities and additionally requested services (for example extra labelling or packaging). All big wholesale orders are shipped by truck or air directly from Frankfurt or Moscow Global Logistic Terminal (GLTs).

In case you are intereste in R.O.C.S. oral care products and would like to receive your personal price offer please fill-in the following "offer request" form. Basing on provided information R.O.C.S. logistics department will make final price offer for you and provide more information about order processing and shipping terms. Please note that sumbission of this form doesn't obligue you to make real order and can be used for information purposes.